App: Things to Know (1)

The app is a live stream video app that connects creators with fans while streaming video similar to Periscope or Facebook Live. This is what you need to know about for

You’ve probably heard of, the lip syncing music video making app that still rules the world of music video voice overs.

With the app, stars can start live streaming video to fans for new ways to interact.

This came out of the app from seeing users sharing videos of animals, comedy and more.

Originally only available to the biggest stars on, the for app is now open to all users — at least on iPhone.

Check out the most important for details that you need to know about.

What is is a live stream video platform that works inside of It’s a lot like Facebook Live, but instead of relying on your friends and fans to follow you on other networks you can reach them right inside of the app.

The app lets you go live on

The app lets you go live on

After a period where only the biggest stars could live stream, the app is available for all users.

Instead of using a new feature inside the app, you need to download the app and log in. With the ap you can share moments and connect with fans. This is not a live lip sync app.