Tip: What your personal Uber rating is

You can learn what your personal Uber rating is!


Did you know that you can actually learn what your Uber passenger rating is?  Yes!  This is one of the cooler Uber hacks you can try out.  It will be helpful because drivers may be ignoring your Uber ride requests if you have a poor Uber rating. Your Uber driver will see this rating whenever they decide whether or not to pick you up. If your rating is low, that might explain why it’s taking so long for a car to confirm you. If your rating is super-low, then you might get banned from the system.  To check your Uber rating, simply open up the Uber app and be sure you’re signed in. At the top left you’ll see a button which opens up a bunch of options.  Then click on the “HELP” button. Then click on the “Account” button. Then scroll to the second thing from the bottom of the page, which reads “I’d like to know my rating.” The next page explains what you can request, so hit “Submit” to request your Uber rating.  That’s it!

As of December 2015, there is a new way to check your Uber passenger rating within 30 seconds, or less!  You no longer have to email Uber in order to check your rating.  For more information, refer to the updated method of seeing your personal Uber rating through the Uber app.